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Aliya, MSN, RN, WHNP-BC, CNM, MPH is a California certified nurse-midwife (CNM) and certified women's health nurse practitioner (WHNP-BC) as well as a registered nurse (RN). She holds a master in public health (MPH) from Columbia University with a focus on sexual health AND GRADUATED PHI BETA KAPPA FROM BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY.

My name is Aliya (uh-leah) Caler.  I am a California licensed certified nurse-midwife and women's health nurse practitioner, supporting birthing adventures in homes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. I specialize in parent's choosing hypnobirthing as a modality to cope with the transition of carrying a life and ushering new ones earth side.  I was trained in the hospital setting at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) and I have experience attending births and providing prenatal, post partum and sexual health care in the home setting, San Francisco General, Kaiser, UCSF, and Planned Parenthood.  I birthed both my babes at home in Brooklyn and San Francisco. 

 MY Story


I first became interested in childbirth while studying birth and death with Professor Maurie Stein in the Sociology department at Brandeis University.  I was both awakened to the power birth holds and to the transformative experience it can be in our lives.  I also learned of the harsh cultural realities of the majority of births in the United States - a fear based, medicalized model absent of relational knowledge, in which insurance reimbursement rates and institutional liability concerns take precedence over the cardinal knowledge of baby and mama. I went on to receive a master in public health examining health at the population level.

After spending many years as a community organizer, researcher, children's author and policy analyst I switched my internal focus. I began to ask myself what work would bring me joy.  It was then that I was called to leave my position writing public health policy for the Massachusetts legislature and use my unique skill set to support families as they explored the unchartered territory of their child's birth. I also felt called to support folks as an abortion doula, supporting people during times of transition. After attending my first home birth in 2011 I accepted my path and began taking prerequisites to become a midwife.   I worked as a doula for three years before attending UCSF.

While the vast majority of nurse-midwives in the United States receive babies in the hospital setting, having compared maternal and child health outcomes internationally at the structural, institutional and individual level, I believe that at this moment in our nation's history, birth at home is the safest option for healthy folks who trust their body, their baby and the process of birth. That is why I choose to provide care in the home setting.  Outcomes support home birth in the United States.

my background


A native to Seattle (coffee is a true love!), despite having spent 9 years on the Eastern seaboard, I have traveled all over the world and have worked with community based organizations in Cape Town, South Africa, Nshamba, Tanzania and Bukoba, Malawi.  I have been told I have magical hands, possess a real ability to listen, and can hold and create space that allows nature to meet you on your expedition.  I have two children who were born at home in San Francisco and Brooklyn. I enjoy making new friends and breaking bread wherever I venture.