Birthing adventures MIDWIFERY is A home birth NURSE-midwifery practice SERVING THE SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVe HEALTH NEEDS OF INDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES in the san francisco bay area. We navigate birthing adventures on your terms.

the following three tenents GUIDE BIRTHING ADVENTURES MIDWIFERY practice:

Birth as ritual - I view the birth experience as a rite of passage for parents and feel honored to explore the uncharted territory OF birth with MY clients and their families. 

Birth as normal - I believe pregnancy and birth are normal life events for human              mammals. I therefore support the humanistic model of maternity care that holds paramount:

oneness of mind & body IMPACTED by hypnobirthing/Mindfulness practicE

inseparability of mother & babY

sound nutrition to prevent the most common complicationS     

education, counseling & prenatal care for every Parent 

freedom of movement and nourishmenT during labor

no arbitrary time limits PLaced on physiologic BIRTH 

labor has its own rhythms it can start, stop, speed up or sloW down

companionship and encouragement during labor

postpartum support As CRITICAL to childbearing

medical intervention when desired OR necessarY

Birth as a reproductive right - I support the ability of people to make decisions  regarding whether to have a child, when to have a child, where to have a child, with whom to have a child and in what manner. Informed consent in all health care decisions is paramount to this process. This ALSO means ensuring that all PEOPLE have access to health care that is not racist or sexist, to sex education, contraception, menstrual supplies, abortion, midwives, OB/GYNs, doulas, healthy food, and the freedom to safely express their gender and sexuality in a manner that feels joyous for them.