prenatal care in the 1st, 2nd & 3rd trimesters


Prenatal care with a midwife is joyful.  Being on your turf, creates an openness that enables me to become an expert on you, your growing baby and your family.  If at home visits are not safe or comfortable for you other arrangements can be made.   As your baby grows I come to your home to monitor your progress. Care during the womb time includes: monthly visits until the 28th week of pregnancy,  bi-monthly visits from 28-36 weeks and then weekly prenatals from 36 weeks until the birth of your child, all blood and screening tests, ultrasound referral as needed as well as 24/7 on call availability after 37 weeks of pregnancy. You can receive the entirety of your care with Birthing Adventures Midwifery.

home birth

Hiring a private practice nurse-midwife provides you the luxury of not having to move locations during labor. It's like having your baby at a birth center, but not having to leave your house! When your birthing adventure begins you call me to let me know and I join you at your home. During your labor I listen to your baby’s heartbeat with a doppler and check your vitals regularly to ensure both you and the baby are thriving.  You lead the way during labor, I provide support or offer guidance when desired or necessary.  I weave my clinical skill with my relational knowing that you are an expert in your own body and your baby.  As your birthing time becomes more eminent, I call a second midwife to join us, who you have met during the prenatal period, so two care providers are available, one for mom and one for babe.

Once your baby arrives, I stay for a 4-6 hour period to support you and your little one’s transition and assist your baby’s first latch. I honor the golden hour, right after birth, allowing the family to bond with their newest addition.  I tidy your space and provide you with sustenance. You will be able to walk around, use the bathroom, take a shower, and eat a meal. I provide a thorough head-to-toe newborn exam at the bedside,  assuring you and your baby are physically stable and review with you what to expect over the next day and what danger signs for which to call.

4th trimester Care


One of the very best parts of midwifery care, that parents often overlook until they have had their baby, is postpartum care at home.  The midwifery model prescribes visiting your nest during the first days and weeks of your child’s life as your body transforms from one of giving life to sustaining it.  Postpartum visits in your home at day 1, day 3-5, day 7, week 2 and week 6 include: assessment of your physical, emotional and spiritual shift from one of pregnancy to one of nourishing a new being, monitoring baby’s vitals, growth and weight, providing lactation support, pelvic floor assessment, counseling/prescribing on family planning options as desired.

This is a great options for parents who choose to have their baby in the hospital, but could benefit from some extra postpartum support at home.  With a traditional hospital practice, mother's are assessed for 40 minutes 6 weeks after giving birth and must leave their nest to be tended to.  At Birthing Adventures Midwifery we come to you, spend 4-5 45-60 sessions loving you up during this period of transition.


sexual health care


I offer holistic sexual health care.  You can see me for annual exams, pap smears, screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and other vaginal infections, as well as contraception counseling and management.  I can prescribe you oral contraception, such as "the pill", the nuvaring or place intratuterine devices (IUDs) such as the paragard, mirena and skyla. We can also discuss how to practice fertility awareness methods for pregnancy prevention.   I offer preconception counseling, support individuals seeking to end their pregnancy and those navigating through pregnancy loss.  I treat breastfeeding issues such as mastitis, low milk supply, sore nipples.  You can see me for treatment of menstrual problems, painful intercourse, low libido etc.

between a doula and a  midwife

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I offer monitrice services for families that choose hospital birth as their best birth option.  As part of this service you receive 2 prenatal visits, I am on call for you from 37 weeks until the birth of your baby, I attend your labor and birth, stay for 1-2 hrs postpartum, and provide one postpartum visit inclusive of a lactation consult. With this service I provide in home labor support, inclusive of dilation checks and fetal heart monitoring, these skills help to get you to the hospital at the right time. Once we reach the hospital, I act as your doula and advocate.  As a midwife I use my clinical skills to keep you safe while laboring at home and my knowledge and training in the hospital setting to advocate for your best birth!