Homebirth what?

I first became interested in childbirth while studying birth and death with Professor Maurie Stein in the Sociology department at Brandeis University.  I was both awakened to the power birth holds and to the transformative experience it can be in our lives.  I also learned of the harsh cultural realities of the majority of births in the United States - a fear based, medicalized model of care, absent of relational knowledge, in which insurance reimbursement rates and institutional liability concerns take precedence over the cardinal knowledge of baby and mama.

When I began attending home births as a birth doula in New York City, I recognized that the home setting allows for a peak experience.

While the vast majority of nurse-midwives in the United States receive babies in the hospital setting, having compared maternal and child health outcomes internationally at the structural, institutional and individual level, I believe that birth at home is the safest option for healthy folks who trust their body, their baby and the process of birth, seek a joyful, empowered experience, and want to set themselves up for the transformative experience that is our birth rite. That is why I choose to provide care in the home setting.  Outcomes support home birth in the United States.