EDUCATE expectant parents and the general public about optimal maternity care; what it looks like, and how to achieve it for themselves.

ASSIST individuals and their partners in conceiving and executing the birth they desire.

PROVIDE families with the opportunity to give life on their terms.

EMPOWER people to follow their instincts and lead the way in the                                  birth of their child.                            

IMPROVE bonding between parents and their newborn.

assert that black lives matter and that the disparity in infant mortality and maternal mortality in san francisco is unacceptable. black babies dying at a rate of 1 to every 4 of their white and asian friends is a public health crises.  over 30 percent of African American Women receiving disparate prenatal care compared to 10 percent of white women in san Francisco is unacceptable.  one answer is to make home birth accessible to those who desire it

DISSEMINATE data on the current status of maternal and child health in SAN FRANCISCO.