"Hiring Aliya was one of the best decisions we made in preparation for the birth. From our first consultation, Aliya spent a lot of time going over many small details that helped us plan for the birth, in a way that went beyond anything we learned in our birth class. My partner and I felt like we learned a lot from her and she helped us prepare, both emotionally and physically for birth by journaling, stretching and doing other creative activities with us.

During labor, both at home and at the hospital, she knew exactly what role to play to help me through contractions and she empowered me to have the birth that I had envisioned. She didn't leave my side for a minute, and yet, it never felt like she was in the way, as I had feared. Rather, she constantly checked in with both my partner and me and the three of us worked as a team. Aliya also emotionally gave us the space needed for my partner and me to relish the intensity and awe of the birthing experience and the first minutes with our newborn son. Aliya is passionate about helping to enable families to understand the many aspects of labor, and she is professional, patient and such a power house. Her energy, support and guidance were invaluable and I definitely recommend Aliya to anyone looking to have an unmedicated birth!" Jenny, first time mom to Koby

“I was very lucky to work with Aliya for my homebirth. She was our first and only choice for a midwife - not only is she one of the few CNMs in the area, but she is also a wonderful person with a calm temperament.

Aliya gave us all the support and knowledge we needed in order to make informed decisions throughout the pregnancy and delivery. Her in-home visits were thorough but comfortable, and Aliya always made my older daughter and husband feel included. For the birth, I felt confident that she would've been able to handle any situations had they arisen (though the delivery ended up being quick and problem-free). She came over at around 11am and my baby was born 2 hours later. Aliya intuited and gave me everything I needed during the process -- i.e. instructions, encouragement, pillows. Thanks to her guidance, I had no tearing or any pain afterwards - I didn't even need to use peri bottles or sitz baths.

I also appreciated that Aliya was always organized and prompt with the admin work (like followups, forms, labwork, etc). I highly recommend her services for midwifery or well-woman care. - Masumi, second time mom to Sen

"I would highly recommend Aliya Caler. She was amazing and my husband and I are grateful to Aliya for joining us in our birthing adventure. I liked Aliya immediately when I called her to schedule a consult and within a few minutes of meeting her in person, I knew I wanted to hire her. She attended our hypnobirthing classes with us and quickly integrated hypnosis into her skillset. She is a quick learner and understood the theory as well as the tools. I am a psychologist trained in hypnosis and offered some further instruction in hypnosis, and Aliya immediately grasped the concepts and was able to put it to practice. Aliya is both intelligent and intuitive. She understands anatomy and the physical, as well as the social and psychological. She is also very warm, has a great personality, and meaningful life and work experience. She’s someone you want in the room with you.

In addition, she was readily available and kept us prepared. She asked that I call after each doctor’s appointment and always seemed genuinely interested. She always called or texted back immediately and sent interesting links to useful articles, resources, and web-sites, in addition to concrete lists of what to bring to the hospital. She listened really well and typed our birth plan. She also was very supportive of what I wanted, even when I changed my mind due to unexpected circumstances.

From the start, Aliya seemed to immediately know when to relax into the background and when to be an advocate or have more of a presence. She is comforting, friendly, and has a steady strength. She handles each turn (and my labor and delivery had a number of unexpected turns) calmly and added insight and empathy each time. Since I wound up in labor for 3 days, I spent a lot of time with her and enjoyed getting to know her. When she wasn’t helping me relax and sleep with hypnobirthing scripts and affirmations, it felt as though I had a good friend in the room. My husband also enjoyed her company and assistance. When my surges were intense, she and my husband applied warm compresses that she created, which really helped with the pain. She knew where to press and how much pressure to apply.

When my baby’s heart-rate was dropping during delivery, Aliya suggested that I squat to my OBGYN. After a few more unsuccessful pushes, my doctor who was skeptical and stated she had always delivered in the supine position, decided to take Aliya’s suggestion and give it a try. Even though the doctor had the vacuum ready and I received a letter a few days later from my insurance company congratulating me that my C-Section had been authorized, I was able to have a vaginal birth. Aliya stayed with us until she saw our baby was safe in the Nicu. She also attended Adyn’s bris in addition to coming over for the postpartum visit. Even as a guest, Aliya offered to be of service at the bris. When Aliya asked if there was anything she could have done differently, we could not think of anything. She read us and gave us a beautifully written birth story for Adyn.

I contacted her after to ask for a resource she mentioned for a friend and she passed on the information. Aliya went above and beyond every step of the way. She spent extra time giving information we did not know to request, that truly helped. Again, I highly recommend sharing your birthing adventure with Aliya." -Dr. Melinda, first time mom to Aydn

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"Meeting Aliya was a blessing. It was very important for us to find the right person who would be in sync with our beliefs and most of all, to have that perfect chemistry with us. When we met her for the first time, she was so comforting and showed excitement about our future delivery . She was armed with extensive information about the birthing process and was able to clarify any misconceptions that we had. When it was time for our little one to be born, Aliya was there in no time. It was around 2am in the morning when my contractions started. I was scared most of the time, but she made sure my husband and I were comfortable and prepared. Aliya went with our flow, and always allowed us to take control of our birth. She was also extremely supportive of my husband who needed to rest or eat and would take the lead role to help me relax while I was laboring. During the labor and after our son, Devin, was born, Aliya was really sweet to capture our most intimate, special moments on camera and allowing our family to bond with each other.

Aliya is an amazing midwife who is extremely intuitive and sensitive. She was always supportive of my husband and I; she always knew when to take an active role and to allow us to bond with each other. We are so grateful that she blessed us with her presence and was able to participate in our birth. Thank you so much, Aliya!" -Gail, first time mom to Devin